Time to redefine your class

Why Pathshala ?

Your child need best classes after school !

Regular Tution V/S Pathshala Tution
Only available in your
Area/village or within
5 km
Teachers Top teachers of the Gujarat
Traditional Boards and Talk Teaching Methods Visualization story and best
utilization of technologies
Depends on teacher and all
Class demand
Revision Revise any concepts any time
using Pathshala app
Every topics taught only once
No personalized Revision.
Weak Topic Personalized engaging video lessons
for all topics
Ineffective in group tuition class. Doubt Solving Personalize answer to all question on
app by expert.
Possible in personal but finagling
Quality tutors is nearby challenges.
Personalized Attention One-On-One Attention by Pathshala’s
dedicated member.
Need to travel a lot, Waste of time &
Time Utilization Learn from the comfort and safety of
your home
Its Just Re-Learning of school learning,
No value added.
Learning Impact As per NCERT in Depth Video Learning
of all concepts.

Act Pathshala app advantage